His apparent “tendency” for making accidental “online faux pas” was the very thing that got him into trouble with the South Korean masses in 2009. The slip of mouth/hand eventually led him to leaving K-Pop idol boy group 2PM, in which he was a leader for. Did that mark the end of Jay Park’s self-inflicted sensational and somewhat controversial news?


A few days ago, the 25-year-old had another “slip of hand” moment when he uploaded a picture of himself flipping the bird (read: giving the middle finger). The picture was posted on his Instagram account, which is linked to his Twitter account:


Although it wasn’t directly at anyone in particular, he received a backlash for the picture. As the picture began to spread, it was suddenly deemed as controversial and received heavy criticism. The fact that Jay didn’t decide to remove the picture (even until now) didn’t help his case.

However, a day after the incident, the idol wrote an apology that said, “Sorry. I’ll be more careful as a public figure”. Shortly after, he released an even longer apology which read:

Anyway, I can’t satisfy everyone 100%~ Whether it’s my family, my label, my fans, or even myself~ Everyone has different opinions and different standings~ There is no answer, no matter what articles say~ If you hate me or love me, I’m thankful for the interest~ I’ll smile even if you curse me out~! I just want to have good music, put on a good performance, and be a good artist. I want to make a situation where I can care for and help the people I love~ If you were offended, I’m sorry~ I’ll put more thought into things from now on~! I’m going to work hard on my album keke ^_^

Yes, Jay. We’ve got nothing against you or your “cheesin” picture but you are, after all, an idol. Be an idol. Lest they attempt to kick you off the face of Earth this time and exile you to Mars or wherever.

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