Six years ago, K-Pop idol girl group the Wonder Girls took the world by storm with their hit song-and-dance, “Nobody”. They were the first to head what we would now be calling, the “Korean Music Wave” aka “Hallyu”.

However, with leader of the group Sunye’s marriage, the Wonder Girls are now officially on an indefinite hiatus while Sunye settles down proper into her new life. It was also announced that the remaining Wonder Girls members are to fully focus on their solo activities from the point onwards until Sunye decides to return.


During the closing ceremony of the Winter Special Olympics in Pyeongchang, the K-Pop idol girl group held their final performance. It’s everything and anything we would expect, song-and-dance perfected through years of training and dripping with sugary sweetness. Except that this time around, it was mixed with a little bit of bittersweetness as it would mark the last time we would see the girls on stage for..we don’t know how long.

Watch the girls’ final pre-hiatus performance!:

[youtube id=”4U_4zCI3Sv8″ width=”600″ height=”350″]

Sunye left for Montreal, Canada yesterday. Aww. The music industry and the fans are going to miss them for sure because there ain’t “nobody like” them.


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