Popular boy band One Direction recorded a cover of Blondie’s “One Way or Another” to support UK’s charity Comic Relief (a cause which uses entertainment to raise money to take on poverty and social injustice). It was intended to be One Direction’s “Red Nose Day” single.

However, just a few days shy from the boys’ official debut of the retro hit, a low-quality recording of the song somehow managed to end up online.


Sure, it sounds like an ordinary act of leaking songs before its intended release but this one could cost Comic Relief hundreds of thousands of pounds. Eep!

Clearly upset, One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson took it to Twitter to express his anger when he tweeted:

Oh dear. So much for trying to do something for a good cause.

As we speak, an investigation is underway to discover the leak of the song. A source at One Direction’s record company, Syco, also said that Simon Cowell himself had ordered execs to find out how the song was leaked and who was responsible. Uh oh. Somebody’s going to get a hurt real bad.

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