For me, being away from Malaysia can be difficult sometimes. Working on the GALAXY Wonderland has been a joy as it connects me with home. My hope for the song is that it resonates within the hearts of people – near and far. More than that, I hope for people to be inspired by the music video that was borne of personal Malaysian Wonderland stories.

With that, Malaysian darling Yuna Zarai officially kicked off her second collaboration with Samsung Malaysia.


For three months, Samsung called out to Malaysians to submit their ideas of the unique qualities of our nation, be it a hidden travel spot, a childhood game/memory, or a culinary favourite. 4,500 submissions were sent in and Yuna herself selected five unique ideas that sparked an inspiration for music within her.

Home”, Yuna’s latest single and music video was the end result of the GALAXY Wonderland campaign. It made its official debut yesterday after much excitement amongst the singer-songwriter’s fans:

[youtube id=”QEeJ3YQA-Ic” width=”600″ height=”350″]

The music video you see above was filmed entirely with the Samsung GALAXY Note II and is the product of Yuna working closely with award-winning filmmaker, Quek Shio Chuan. Yuna also collaborated extensively with AG Coco (guitarist of local rock band, HUJAN) in composing “Home”.

Her creative journey has been documented in a six-episode series on Astro Ria, culminating in the final episode, which will feature the music video of “Home” on 16th February 2013 (Saturday).

Click to view our gallery of exclusive photos from the premiere!

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