For a long time now, music chain HMV (which has 243 shops in the UK and Ireland) has been suffering a loss due to the consistent rise of digital music and film sales.  The collapse of the 92-year-old retail group placed 4,120 jobs and 223 stores at risk. Deloitte (appointed to run HMV following the collapse) confirmed that about 190 jobs had been cut across the company.

Unfortunately for them, one “cut” made it to Twitter.


A few days ago, disgruntled HMV staff “live blogged” the company’s Twitter account, which has over 73,000 followers to date) to express their anger at being fired. The flurry of passive-aggressive tweets first started off with one that said, “We’re tweeting live from HR where we’re all being fired! Exciting!”. Following which, a full 20 minutes’ worth of Twitter-jacking went on before the company attempted to remove the tweets.

Too little too late though because the incriminating tweets had already been saved via screenshots and widely distributed, trending with #HMVXFactorFiring:

Later on, as if trying to play down the entire situation, a different member of HMV personnel tweeted, “Our @hmvtweets picked up a lot of attention today, it’s clearly been a tough day for us all at hmv, please stick with us #hmvxfactorfiring. There have been job losses today, but not in our stores. We are still open for business, thx for your continued support #savehmv” in two separate tweets.”



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