If you’re up for some wild pumping tunes, look no further. Here’s an album that’s filled with experimental sounds from British recording artiste Rita Ora. But before we get into our review, the one thing that you need to know about “Ora” is that it took a long time to record and compile.

All in all, two years’ worth of work was put into 22-year-old Rita’s debut album, with the help of some highly popular A-list producers such as will.i.am, Drake, Major Lazer, Chase & Status, and Kanye West.

Rita Ora Ora


Impressive much?

When “How We Do (Party)” was released, we thought, “Girl’s got attitude!” before we realized where we might’ve picked up on a musical style similar to that before. Yup. That song is very heavily Beyoncé and Rihanna influenced. At least the younger Beyonce and the younger Rihanna:

[youtube id=”LmQ7P-A3p8c” width=”600″ height=”350″]

It’s nice that the title song off “Ora” sets everyone in the mood for some good ol’ funky fun lovin’. Not everyone can digest it at first considering the type of party tunes that the world has been exposed to as of late. But it does get better with every listen. We don’t know about you but we like it.

Then we move on to “RIP”, the song that scored her a #1 the moment it was released. The song, which features English rapper Tinie Tempah was produced by electronic dance music (EDM) duo Chase & Status:

[youtube id=”L1l9WST5lXM” width=”600″ height=”350″]

Quite simply, we felt the need to explain why “RIP” sounded like it was made like a club track. We won’t be surprised if it already is one. Truth? Hey, if you like parties, if you’re an EDM fan, you’re going to be playing this one on repeat. Oh, and by the way, the other fun fact is that “RIP” was originally written by Drake for Rihanna. And now you may stop questioning why Rita was channeling so much of her in both the song and the music video.

Finally, the “Ora” song we love most, “Shine Ya Light”. Though the lyrics doesn’t say or suggest much, we get the idea that it was meant to be one of the more inspirational songs off Rita’s album:


Hey there rock star,

Turn up your radio.

I can hear you coming,

Starts up the video.

You’re still standing,

They’ll never knock you down.

The beat never ending,

Let me hear your heart pound.

Same formula. Beautiful voice, pumpin’ bass, self-empowering. Maybe no kick a$$ A-list producer this time around, but it does come with a great music video to boot:

[youtube id=”DH182aLsVig” width=”600″ height=”350″]

Would we pick up a copy of “Ora”? We don’t see why not. She’s already known as UK’s answer to Rihanna. So many opinions can’t be wrong. A word of warning though – prepare to find it hard to control that head-bobbing while you’re listening to “Ora”.

True story.

[youtube id=”lrEzjRufsK4″ width=”600″ height=”350″]

Rita Ora’s “Ora” is now available at a music store near you. For more information, visit her official website. She’s also on Twitter so feel free to stalk her!

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