So, we’re not sure if you’ve already heard by now that DIVA Universal’s “Hot Guys Who Cook Season 2” will feature a thicker plot. What is this “thicker plot” we speak of? Well, “Hot Guys Who Cook” is all set to return with season two that features a “Mystery Judge“.

And who is this “Mystery Judge”, you ask? It’s none other than Malaysia’s popular radio and TV personality, Serena C!


On her watch, the “Hot Guys Who Cook Season 2” competition just got tougher – and perhaps a little funnier? We find out in an exclusive interview with Serena herself. She tells all about the boys’ need for bragging rights, awesome recipes, judging them, and some behind-the-scenes moments:

Hi Serena! Thank you for speaking with us. Where are you right now & what are you currently up to?

“I’m hosting events all over the place. Year end is a great time for emcees so I’m not complaining even though I am currently nursing a fever and quite a flu.”

Oh dear. You best rest up! What was it like working with so many good looking men for “Hot Guys Who Cook” Season 2?

“Hilarious! When put in a room – they become playful boys competing for bragging rights. I know a few of them personally so it was fun catching up. The rest were delightful to get to know. I know the girls will love this season. Lots of banter, laughter, and cheekiness. And great food too. I wasn’t kidding when I said these hot guys CAN cook! Very well too!”

As a judge, what were the criterias that were taken into consideration & how did the judging process work?

“There were 3 criterias: Presentation – the dishes had to look as good as the guys at least to catch a girl’s attention to begin with. Taste – as good as the dish looked, the taste obviously was of utmost importance. This IS “Hot Guys Who Cook”! Personality – you get to see how the guys prepare the food, which really brings out their personality. This tells a story about the dish as well, so it wraps up the criterias nicely.”


Which one of the guys particularly stood out amongst the rest?

“They ALL had very different dishes – with very different personalities! I’d say each guy’s HOT in his own way. And that translates to the dish they prepared.  Allan’s experienced and very comfortable with himself as a character – he prepared a beautiful roasted chicken with tapioca/ potato mash, homemade salad dressing on the side and topped it off with chocolates for the judge, all in less than 90 minutes. Paulo is bashful, sweet, but not someone to mess with in the kitchen. His secret weapon: mama’s recipe! Zain is heeky, but still considerate! He prepared two dishes – one without shellfish in case I was allergic (which I was). As for Adam, although he “inherited” his recipe from a friend, he’s a fighter – fully focused on executing it to the best of his abilities. Armando is meticulous and experienced when it comes to food, and you can totally see that in his preparation. He even helped Oli with the stove when Oli got the switches confused! Oli is another cheeky chap who’s also confident with his dish – and WHAT a dish that was. I might steal that recipe! Henry had been traveling a fair bit but the Asian in him is very apparent in his dish – infused with spice and color. George is experimental, adventurous and fun, and that totally translated onto his very interesting dish. Paul could win you over with just a smile, and to add to that, the exquisite dish! MAN, sometimes I wished I didn’t have to pick a winner.”

Alright, before we let you go, is there anything that you’d like to say to Hype Malaysia readers?

“Hello Hype Malaysia, I am Serena C, your girl representative on HGWC Season 2. I hope I did the girls proud and brought out more of the hot guys’ personalities for your viewing pleasure. Season 2 is definitely not to be missed – you’ll be eating out of their hands.”

The latest episode of “Hot Guys Who Cook Season 2” premieres 17th December (Monday) and will air every Monday after at 7pm only on DIVA Universal.

For more information, visit their official website.

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