UNICEF Inspired Gifts are real, life-saving and life-changing items that are provided to children around the world to help meet their needs and rights. When a gift is purchased, the donor’s selected friend or family member receives an e-card letting them know that a gift has been sent in their honour.

Especially for this festive season, UNICEF is offering an Inspired Gift via Groupon from 12th to 21st December. The “Inspired Gift” Groupon costs RM12 and can buy 20 doses of polio vaccine to vaccinate six children against this highly infectious disease.


Children under five years of age are most vulnerable to polio, which can cause lifelong paralysis and even death. While there is still no cure for the disease, children can easily be protected with life-saving and inexpensive vaccination drops.

How about that? Go on, do your part and maybe a little boy or girl will have a better Christmas this year. To buy the “Inspired Gift” Groupon, click!

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