Chinese-American actor, host, and VJ Allan Wu is popular for many reasons – his dashing good looks, muscular physique, and for being adventurous. Surely it wouldn’t be too difficult to recognize him on the streets, right? He is the face of “The Amazing Race Asia”, after all.

But don’t for one second think that his adventures end there. Because we just got word that he is one of the handful of “delicious” men who have big plans to grace your TV screen and wow you with their prowess in dishing up comfort food the best way they know how in the new season of “Hot Guys Who Cook”.

Yum yum?


So, here’s the thing, we kidnapped Allan for a bit for a little chat and he shared his thoughts on being “one of the guys”. Yup! You know which ones:

Hi Allan! Whereabouts are you right now and what are you currently doing? Like, at this very moment.

“I’m in Shanghai and I’m just about to go on set to work on a Chinese drama that equivalent to the Asian version of ‘Gossip Girl’. It should be interesting!”

So, “Hot Guys Who Cook” is going to be something completely different from what you’ve done previously. What was your initial reaction when you found out that you were going to be on the show?

“I’ve had a lot of friends that were previously on the show’s a very, very fun show and very different. It’s also aesthetically pleasing, you know, guys cooking and stuff. I was so excited to be considered to be on ‘Hot Guys Who Cook’ but like you said, this is something different for me and to showcase a different facet of mine for the general audience in all of Asia to’s an experience for me. I really enjoyed it and it was definitely an opportunity to go in front of the camera and meet everyone – and show my culinary prowess or lack thereof in the kitchen.”

Have you always loved cooking or did you have to have a crash course in preparation for this?

“I wouldn’t say I don’t love cooking but I would just say better half is a better cooker or cook (laughs). So, she definitely does more of the cooking stuff. I’m more in charge of the eating! But with ‘Hot Guys Who Cook’ I had to try to bring my A Game because it was going to be a competition and this time, we had a mystery judge and all that stuff. I had to talk to my wife about what would be good, you know..and get the right attitude before I went on set.”


Do you have a signature dish? Tell us a little bit more about that.

“It’s chicken, it’s clean, it’s simple, and it’s healthy. It has olive oil and lots of herbs on it like crushed up rosemary and thyme. With garlic, and onion, and pepper – it’s something that I think is comfort food, you know? Something that a lot of people that can appreciate because a lot of people don’t eat pork or beef  and a lot of people eat chicken so I guess..chicken was a good idea. It’s accompanied by a bed of sweet mashed potatoes to complement the chicken, and also a side of salad with homemade vinegar dressing.”

What was the one thing or rather, who was the one person who surprised you the most in “Hot Guys Who Cook Season Two”?

“I would probably have to say Paolo Gonzalez or George Young. It’s just great to have a show that is unscripted where we go on camera and do ad libs, and show a little bit more of your personality. It takes more skills than say..just hosting or acting.”

If you had a choice to do it all over again, what would you have done differently?

“Ah! Good question! I think I would’ve maybe gone for a more challenging dish – I think I kind of underestimated my culinary abilities. I would’ve gone for something that was a little more complex, not necessarily in preparation but presentation. Like, make my dish more pretty complete with garnishing and all that stuff.”

Were there any funny moments behind the scenes that we should know of?

“There’s a lot! A lot of funny moments. I don’t think many people would notice this but..there was once where I was sitting on the counter on the kitchen and as I was sitting, I heard this loud ripping sound. I realized later on that my pants had ripped. We had to duct tape or gaffer tape it afterwards. I haven’t even told anybody about this – this is breaking news!”

Haha. Yes, that’s an exclusive for Hype Malaysia! Now, leave a message for your Malaysian fans.

“Hello Malaysia! This is Allan Wu. It’s always good to come back to Malaysia to work and to see everyone. Thanks for all your support, I love you all. Merry Christmas!”

No, thank YOU for taking time off to speak to us! Yay!

Hot Guys Who Cook premieres 3rd December (Monday) and will air every Monday after at 7pm only on DIVA Universal. For more information, visit their official website.

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