It’s Halloween! It’s one of the most celebrated events of the year! Well, at least in Hollywood and other parts of the United States, it is. We spied all over the web and spotted some of your favourite (or not-so-favourite) celebrities’ costumes this year. You gotta hand in to them for putting in so much effort though – costumes, wigs, and other random accessories, you name it, they’ve most certainly thought of it.

Check it out:

Jessica Alba & family as “The Incredibles”

Aww. Isn’t Jessica Alba and family looking absolutely picture perfect in their Halloween getup this year? Adorable!

Paris Hilton & River Viiperi as “Alice in Wonderland” & “Mad Hatter”

Trust Paris Hilton to come up with the perfect sexy outfit to depict “Alice in Wonderland”. And River as “Mad Hatter”? We can hardly recognize him like that!

Adam Lambert as a vampire

Openly gay artiste Adam Lambert. As a vampire. Enough said.

Heidi Klum as “Cleopatra”

Every year, the beautiful Heidi Klum‘s Halloween costume would top the previous one without fail. This year, she went as “Cleopatra”. Check out the head gear!

Kim Kardashian as a mermaid

Kim Kardashian goes “under the sea” (sorta) this year in her costume. Pretty sure she wasn’t going as Ariel though.

Kris Jenner as “Wonder Woman”

Kim’s supermom, Kris Jenner, on the other hand, is all decked out in her “Wonder Woman” Halloween getup. Nice!

Lucy Hale as a unicorn

“Pretty Little Liars” star, Lucy Hale, is looking as cute as a button in her unicorn outfit. Happy Halloween to you too, Lucy!

So, which one was your favourite? Voting starts now!

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