Exactly a year ago, she released her seventh studio album, “Femme Fatale”. And since then she has been on her “Femme Fatale Tour” throughout the United States. Despite what the general audience and the music critics said, that album still managed to bag a platinum certification from the Recording Industry Association of Amerca (RIAA) when it sold over 590,000 copies in the United States alone.



It boggles us how Britney Spears has had time to produce yet another album on top of touring, time with her kids, and what we presume to be planning her wedding (Britney got engaged to long-time boyfriend and former manager, Jason Trawick, in December 2011).

So much so that we suspect that these songs were probably the previously unreleased ones, compiled into a “new album” for 2012. But we have to give it to her marketing team because they’ve got it right this time when they “accidentally on purpose” leaked a track into the interwebs:

[youtube id=”Dr-Vel_oOks” width=”600″ height=”350″]

Fraud-calling and negative feedback aside, what you just heard is supposedly the first single off “Abroad“, her upcoming album. We sense a different style with this one although vocally she still sounds the same.

Two other songs, “Rock Star” and “Dangerous” were also leaked soon after, and then taken down. Britney fanatics who were lucky enough to hear them, heard them here.

No fixed date has been decided yet for the release but they already have the entire album’s track listing online:


How convenient. Yet, we can’t wait to hear it.

For more updates, visit her website or follow her Twitter account closely!

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