So, the “YouTube to YouLive Sing-Off” is finally entering its final stage this week. Can you believe that it two months have already passed since it first launched at Laundry @ Italiannies, The Curve? It sure feels a whole lot longer than that.

With that in mind, it must have also been quite a journey for some of the YouTube contenders. So we do what we do best – we take Epy and Ardiv, a duo who made it into the final stage, away from the stage for a few minutes for a little “drilling session”. Epy is a solo singer while Ardiv is a guitarist for another band. For the YouTube to YouLive Sing-Off, however, they decided to come together to collaborate, performing soothing easy listening tunes, reggae, and pop songs:

[youtube id=”U43H-zDonq4″ width=”600″ height=”350″]


It was perhaps the best decision they’ve ever made in their lives!

Hi! Congratulations on making it into the YouTube To YouLive Sing-Off finalists. How are you feeling about it?

“We’re delighted to be given the opportunity to perform at laundry and getting through as one of the top 6 completely skyrocketed our feelings to the moon!”

This must’ve taken a lot of courage. What were your main motivations behind taking part in the first ever YouTube To YouLive Sing-Off?

“We have been performing actively all around Malaysia these past few years but never really got the exposure we wanted, the day we found out about the YouTube To YouLive Sing-Off was like stumbling upon a goldmine. We’re confident the coverage we get from the YouTube To YouLive Sing-Off will help us gain exposure which will help us to spread our music to everyone all over Malaysia.”

Name some of the challenges that you’ve faced in your journey so far and how you overcame those challenges.

“I’m sure most if not all musicians have had that period of time where you just feel like everything’s not working out and thinking about giving up, but if you stay true to your dreams you’ll eventually and definitely move a step closer each day in achieving your dreams.”


Growing up, who were your musical inspirations and why? Are these the same inspirations that you’d someday want to perform/produce with?

“We grew up listening to everything our era had to offer, from boy bands to grunge to hard screaming metal bands. But the ones that really have a major influence on our music style today are people like Jason Mraz, Bruno Mars, and John Mayer. If we could someday perform/produce with any one of them that would be the greatest gift we’ll ever receive in our lifetime!”

So, if you win, what would you do (in your power) to change the local music industry?

“If we’re able to win this competition, I would say that we will contribute by introducing a whole new type of music to the current music industry. In my humble opinion, our local music industry is currently lacking the variety in music, I sincerely believe us Malaysians should be given the opportunity to listen to a wider range of music produced by our local talents!”

Phew! These two boys will join two other finalists at the YouTube to YouLive Sing-Off’s Finale Live Showcase at Laundry @ Italiannies, The Curve on the 28th of June (Thursday) at 8:30pm! So if you like ’em, come show your support.

We know we will – we’ll definitely be there.

For more information, hit up Laundry’s Facebook page.

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