Falling into the category of “musicians who had a strong affiliation with music since young”, this Dutch DJ first started out on his journey when he learned how to play the guitar and the violin. He later pick up other influences through his exposure to the media and became hooked on techno. When he won a DJ competition in Enschede, it sealed the deal for him.

It is easy to recognize Joris Voorn as one of the worlds best DJ’s by looking at the accolades he has accumulated over the last few years.


Since then, he has been regularly booked for gigs and in 2002, he released his  “Muted Trax” EP. It was the very thing that made made him decide to temporarily leave the architecture to pursue his career in the electronic dance music (EDM) scene. He was also crowned “Talent of the Year” at the 2003 Dutch DJ Awards and the talented Dutchman is also now a resident at the world renowned Space Ibiza.

Joris Voorn really exploded into the scene in 2009 when he released his “Balance014″ compilation, where he successfully mixed approximately 100 songs into a double CD:

[youtube id=”85Ll-actMy8″ width=”600″ height=”350”]

Pretty impressive video, if we do say so ourselves. The good news is, he’ll be heading our way to show us what he’s got! Livescape Asia and OMP presents an NSFW Special featuring the Dutchman himself.

Deets are as follows:

  • Date: 16th May 2012 (Wednesday)
  • Time: 10pm onwards
  • Venue: Vertigo Club, The Gardens Mall, Kuala Lumpur

Party people, you ready?

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