You may or may not have heard of the name “Lau Li Kung” before. A quick google search will reveal that this man has won a lot of cars and other prizes from contests over the years.

Nevertheless, netizens are starting to get suspicious over his “luck” and some of them even believe that he is hired by companies to be the “winner” in these contests.

Source: Lowyat Forum

The suspicions came to light when Lowyat Forum user “submergedx” created a thread titled “Who is Lau Li Kung?, The most luckiest Malaysian on earth”, in order to question the existence of this lucky winner. As of now, the thread has gotten a lot of attention with more than 20k views and it has encouraged more netizens to investigate the man-in-question.


Another user has even compiled a list of winnings “Lau Li Kung” has won in the ongoing “U Mobile We Want U Giveaway”. According to U Mobile’s website, he has managed to win an all-new Proton X70, a Proton Iriz, a Modenas Kriss 110, and even an iPhone 11.

Source: Lowyat Forum
Source: U Mobile

It might seem suspicious at first, but when you take a look at the contest, it doesn’t entirely depend on luck. Technically, the contest increases your chances in winning these prizes if you spend more, and it’s possible that it could’ve been the case with the “luckiest Malaysian alive”.

Nevertheless, this isn’t the only contest that arouses suspicion from fellow netizens. They’ve found that he has also previously won a brand new Proton Persona with “Tourism Melaka’s Melaka755 Quest” and the grand prize for “Tesco Tap & Go with Mastercard”, which is an all-new Myvi.

Source: Tourism Melaka Facebook
Source: Tesco Malaysia’s Facebook

As the thread gained more attention, netizens have been founding more and more contests in the past that the man has won. Eventually, a user claiming to be Mr. “Lau Li Kung” himself, “laulk2020”, responded to the thread in order to counter the suspicion.

At first, he jokingly commented that he should publish a book and get the users in the thread to buy it. However, he added another comment encouraging people to stop “googling” for the names of winners, but instead, search for the contests terms and conditions which will prove that there’s a way to win it.

Even though some of the netizens believe that he has a point, the others kept on questioning him on why he doesn’t want people to know about his winnings. For context, one user revealed that he was initially messaged by “laulk2020” to delete the post while asserting that the contests are all skill-based and not on lucky draws.

He said, “Please delete the post as it has really violated my privacy, I don’t understand even got people go and check my summon (on Myeg)”. If you’ve been following the thread, you’ll know that the other users have managed to find his IC number through intensive online digging, and even used it to check his summons and BPN status.

Source: Lowyat Forum

As of now, we can’t be exactly sure on how he managed to win all those contests in the past. What we do know is, there are actually quite a number of people who take contests professionally, and tend to win a lot of prizes with their own strategy.

Could “Lau Li Kung” be another one of these “professional contest winners”, or is he just an insider for all these contests?. Share with us what you think.

Sources: Lowyat Forum, U Mobile, Tourism Melaka’s Facebook, Tesco Malaysia’s Facebook

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