Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned!

A Malaysian woman recently took to Facebook to vent out her frustrations after learning about her boyfriend’s affair with a foreigner. She even posted photos of their affair on social media. Oh snap!

Source: China Press

After discovering nude photos of her boyfriend and his Vietnamese fling, the Malaysian woman decided to share them with her Facebook contacts. In her post, she expressed that she’s still in shock and hurt over her boyfriend’s betrayal.

As seen in the pixelated photos (presumably the cheater and the woman from Vietnam), the pair are pictured naked together in an intimate embrace. There are also blurred out snapshots of the woman barely wearing anything.

Source: China Press
Malaysian Woman
Source: China Press

In addition to the photos, the Malaysian woman attached a link to the Vietnamese woman’s Facebook account. She added that the foreigner looks beautiful and would no doubt find many more boyfriends in the future.

She also asked netizens on how they would react if they found naked photos of their significant other with another person. Many urged her to dump the cheating boyfriend and move on with life. They reckon that, given the chance, he’ll probably cheat again with another woman.

Malaysian Woman
Source: The Hope Line

Was the Malaysian woman entitled to shaming her boyfriend publicly? What would you do if you were in her shoes?

Source: China Press.

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