If you’ve been tricked by your friends with the PS5 box filter on Instagram, keep calm because it’s time for revenge.

A new Instagram filter created by user, @zacwzd, will make people think that you own the all-new iPhone 12, which hasn’t even been released yet.


The “iP12” filter is available on IG Stories and it lets you conjure an iPhone 12 box, which you can place anywhere on your screen. The placement and the size of the virtual box can also be adjusted before taking a picture or video, making it easy to adapt the filter to your surrounding.

Like the PS5 filter, it uses augmented-reality technology and it allows you to place the “box” on real-life objects and surfaces. The only downside is, we found that the box looks too smooth as it lacks “realistic” details, but it can still make a very convincing photo because of it’s texture and shadow effects.

Source: Instagram

The creator of this filter, Zac Wong, has created various kinds of filters for IG Stories before this, which you can check out on his Instagram, @zacwzd. He is also a digital graphic designer who has worked with well-name brands such as Bad Lab, Strepsils, and Alcon, in making artworks for their social media.

As this becomes a trend, we wonder what kind of products would be turned into an IG filter in the near future.

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