There is a new filter on Instagram called “PS5 BOX” (created by @aroneverything), which lets you place a realistic-looking PlayStation 5 (PS5) box anywhere on your screen.

If people around you have been posting photos of their new PS5 box around the internet, it’s probably the filter.


Don’t worry, you’re not the only one that has been fooled by this trick as it looks pretty convincing for a 3D generated model. The reason why it works is because it is an AR (Augmented Reality) filter that lets you layer computer-generated effects over real-life surfaces, which your front or back camera displays.

Users can adjust the size of the box to make it look more realistic. It might not look real all the time, but it can definitely garner some legit reactions under most lightings. Take a look at some examples below:

Source: Twitter

The creator of this filter, AR On Everything, left a disclaimer on his Instagram page, stating, “I have created this filter for fun purpose only, any misuse (sale, fake giveaway, etc.) of this may attract legal consequences for which ‘AR On Everything’ will not be responsible. I humbly request everyone to use this ethically and responsibly.”

Now that almost everyone is aware of this deceitful filter, a lot of people are admitting they were actually fooled when they first saw it (including us). However, it doesn’t stop the fun as people continue to mess around with it by making the box as little as possible or even altering it to the size of a building.

Sources: Twitter / Instagram

The official price for the Sony PS5 in Malaysia has not been announced, but it is set to officially release here on 19th November.

Sources: Lowyat, Shopee

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