With everything that has happened in the first half of this year, it’s safe to say that 2020 has been one heck of an emotional roller-coaster. In these times, it’s only natural that we’d look for songs that help us feel heard.

Thankfully, Singaporean indie-pop band M1LDL1FE has had us covered since day one. Here are 5 M1LDL1FE lyrics that accurately reflect our feelings over the past six months:

1. “How You Forget” (2017)


“It’s funny how, it’s funny how you forget
The little things that find their way into your bones”

As the world began battling Covid-19, we’ve had to adjust to several changes to our daily routine – wearing masks and waking up to news about the coronavirus, among others. Many have realised how we’ve taken simple things like seeing other people smile and travelling interstate for granted. At the same time, every cloud has a silver lining: despite the many disruptions posed to us for the time that businesses were shut, air quality has likely improved.

2. “Super Algorithm Digital Me” (2017)

“Bodies grow cold when we’re alone
Looking for warmth in the blue glow”

Needless to say, we were deprived of physical connection with our loved ones while we were stuck at home. To make up for this lack, we’ve become much more adept at using technology to interact with family and friends. It’s amazing how we humans have adapted and innovated in these drastic times.

All hail Zoom!

3. “Distraction” (2017)

“Take away my heart to see an ocean deep inside of me
Tear apart my head and feel infinity consuming me”


Unfortunately, many of us were unable to do the activities that defined us as we normally would. For some of us, it was tough and we felt like we were drowning in our own misery; for others, being stripped of our normalcy allowed us to explore new interests and improve ourselves.

Ultimately, our differences in perspective have defined how we’ve spent the past few months, and will continue to determine how we’ll move forward in the post-Covid world.

4. “Neptune’s Eye” (2018)

“We’ll sail out of Neptune’s Eye
Wait out the storm
It won’t be long
Sure we’ll make it out alive”

With the slew of uncertainties and turbulence accompanying Covid-19 and major political shifts, it’s natural for us to have felt hopeless. However, as M1LDL1FE reminds us, we’ll make it out fine – we just need a little faith.

5. “Small Lanes” (2020)

“I’ve got time but the truth is
I’m not ready for outside”

Ironically, some of us would have gotten used to the new normal, and it’s been tough re-adjusting to what life was like just a few months ago. But as the song continues, we’re encouraged to look at things in a new way:

“We’ll go one way
Or to and fro
It’s all it takes
To let go”

As long as we keep moving, as long as we don’t stay stuck in the past, things will improve slowly but steadily. Let’s make the best of the rest of 2020!

Stream M1LDL1FE’s latest single “Small Lanes” here.

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