We’re now one week away till Hari Raya! No doubt that a lot of us are eager to binge on those ketupat, lemang, rendang and all the kuih. Apart from food, Hari Raya isn’t complete without the festive tunes.

Well, it’s exciting to see that a lot of our local talents will either cover a nostalgic track or introduce brand new songs to uplift the festive mood. Without further ado, let’s check out some newly-released Raya songs by our homegrown stars here:

1. Eddie Hamid, Man Khan, Aris Kapilla – “Jange Kelik La Wei”


Directly translated from the phrase “Don’t go back lah wei”, the trio reunite 4 years after the release of their smash Raya hit “Kelik La Wei”. This time around, they’ve changed a few parts of the lyrics; in line with the government’s urge to curb the spread of the Covid-19 virus by preventing people from travelling across the country to celebrate this year’s Syawal.

Interestingly, the song even received a special shout out from our PM Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin during one of his media conference. Soon after, “Jange Kelik La Wei” went viral and has garnered over 500,000 views on YouTube.

2. Aina Abdul – Syahdu Di Pagi Syawal

The song, which takes inspiration from Siti Nurhaliza’s evergreen Raya hit “Air Mata Syawal, tells the story of a child who had to be separated from her parents in the morning of Syawal. The song has a personal touch to music fans, as it relates to the current situation where a lot of Malaysians cannot return to their hometown for Raya.

3. Aries Music artistes – “Suasana Hari Lebaran”

The recording company has brought together 6 of its most popular singers to perform a special Raya song in conjunction with this year’s Raya season. The song features the young and talented artistes – Sufian Suhaimi, Aiman Tino, Luqman Faiz, Fieya Julia, Fara Hezel and Yazid Izaham – in collaboration with the legendary S.Atan and Siso Kopratasa.

As stated in the press release (via AWANI), “It is a well-established project that combines the touch of ‘old-school’ kick with the up-and-coming artistes. Audience can take a trip down memory lane with fond memories of traditional Malay songs which is specially crafted with modern contemporary music.”

4. Zamani – “Syawal Ini”


The Slam lead singer will release his new Raya song called “Syawal Ini” this month. “Syawal Ini” carries the positive message that everybody can celebrate Hari Raya despite facing various setbacks, particularly the Covid-19 nightmare.

In addition, the song talks about how one should be grateful to be able to celebrate the festive occasion while being safe and sound at home. For those interested, “Syawal Ini” is scheduled to drop on all music streaming platforms on 19th May.

5. Fattah Amin & Fazura – “Seloka Hari Raya” remake

Our very own power couple Fattah Amin and Fazura worked together on a fresh take on the evergreen Raya song “Seloka Hari Raya”, originally performed by Uji Rashid and Hail Amir. We love that the music video which features cute animated versions of the lovebirds.

In regards to the aforementioned, Fattah told BH Online, “We had to scrap the plan to film the music video due to the movement control order. However, my wife and I came up with the idea to appear in an animated format.”

Fazura added, “We brainstormed the concept and the storyline of the clip. Interestingly, there are 4 whose identities have yet to be revealed. If you’re curious, then you have to watch the full video.”

Sources: GempakBerita HarianAWANI, NST, mStar.

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