The Malaysian Armed Forces (ATM) has step forth to shut down the allegations circulating on the web that its officers at Selangor Mansion, Masjid India, had to wear helmets while on duty.

Rumour has it that they were protecting themselves from being thrown with random items by the foreigners, including being urinated at.

General Affendi Buang (Source: MalaysiaKini)

ATM Chief General Affendi Buang told Bernama, “There’s no such thing! The ATM officials only wear safety hats for locations included in areas of tightened movement control order (PKPD). Meanwhile, for other places, the officers will carry out their duty as usual.”


As reported by Sinar Harian yesterday (Friday, 10th April), foreigners in 3 residential buildings in the capital city under the PKPD came under fire for allegedly throwing wasted items from the upper floors of the apartment as a sign of protest. This included plastic bags filled with urine.

Source: MalaysiaKini

An insider claimed that the rude attitude shown by the residents have started since the early stage of the order. “If we look at normal roadblocks on the street, the soldiers didn’t wear helmets. They only wear berets,” said an anonymous source.

“The officials weren’t wearing the protection caps for fun while on duty at this place. They wear helmets because they want to avoid from being thrown with random items (garlic, urine, etc) from above,” the source further added.

Source: mStar

However, the unknown insider assured everyone that things are under control after the foreign residents were provided with food supplies, as well as the professional working ethics shown by our authorities.

Source: FMT. / Featured Image: The Sentral.

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