Malaysian actress Yatt Hamzah recently slammed those who have been surfing pornographic websites in the midst of the movement control order (MCO) enforced by the government.

The 40-year-old posted a screenshot of an article about the increasing PornHub traffic in Malaysia. Unimpressed with the fact, Yatt argued that the Covid-19 outbreak should be seen as a big test and also a turning point for Muslims to get closer with their religion.

Source: IG via Cari Forum

“Enough with this disaster, please stop sinning. Repent. Allah sent this Covid-19 outbreak test for us to think and draw closer to Him. So be self-reflective and improve yourselves not by peerforming sinful acts, cause it will increase His curse and wrath. Please stop supporting pornography,” urged Yatt.


She continued, “The Muslim law stated that it’s haram (illegal) for people to  see another’s aurat. What’s more, looking at substances that heavily promotes erotic content can also provoke orgasm. Therefore, it’s also considered illegal.”

“For those who are married, they cannot just merely watch porn for fun as it’s still deemed as haram,” said the “Impak Maksima” actress. Additionally, Yatt believes that the act of viewing others’ private parts may distort one’s thinking and harden one’s heart, which will affect the person’s mental health.

Source: IG

In the same post, Yatt further urged celebrities and influencers to stop posting sexy and obscene content on social media. “Anyone who likes to upload posts for the sake of gaining likes, please refrain yourselves from doing so,” wrote the mother-of-two on her caption.

She added, “Stop doing things that may invite disaster. Ultimately, the consequences will be borne by all the innocent people.”

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