Rihana Oksana has kept her promise after assuring her Instagram followers that she would unveil her son’s face when he turns 5 months old.

While the majority of netizens have been flooding the posts with words of encouragements and comments on how adorable Ismail Leon, a few are questioning her motives.


Initially, many people weren’t sure if the Russian beauty was telling the truth when she claimed that her baby boy looks very much like Sultan Muhammad V. The confusion also stems from the fact that the Palace of Kelantan has never acknowledged the legitimacy of the child.

Now that the former beauty queen is finally comfortable showing her tiny tot to the world, many have finally come around. “The pictures are the best evidence that he looks like his father. For those haters that said this baby looks like Chinese, Bangla, and so on… Maybe jealousy has blinded your heart and eyes… This is between the royal family and her (…) and we should just give our blessing to the baby and the single mother,” one commented.

Rihana Oksana

Rihana also dropped a bombshell when she commented that Sultan Faris’ lawyers had allegedly “asked me not to send him pictures of his son”. Her “all-caps” comments show that she’s been dealing with this sort of frustration for the past few months.

Seriously? That’s awkward.. No wonder you are fighting to this extend.. Has he seen his baby already? I’m sure he will come back to Leon,” @arismendi_pilar responded in the Instagram post.

Having said that, a few are questioning her intention for making things so public. @lynx3080 suggested that a family feud should be settled behind closed doors and not by fanning the flames to this situation. Another called a gold digger and defended the former Agong.

Rihana Oksana

When someone asked if little Leon will claim his place at the Kelantan Throne, Rihana replied, “my son can do it if he wants“, adding that the right belongs to him.

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