River Huang (黃河) recently found himself in an embarrassing situation when something personal of him made its way online.

It was a video of the 30-year-old Taiwanese actor masturbating in a temple. The 109-second clip, which was reportedly taken 8 years ago, has since gone viral on the internet.

Source: Instagram

Netizens who watched the revealing video shared that Huang standing in front of a table while pleasuring himself. The cute-looking star was seen moaning and swearing. “On and off, Huang can be heard moaning and as he was about to ejaculate, he can be heard uttering the F-word,” Sin Chew Daily reported.


Sources clarified that the masturbation video was meant for Huang’s then girlfriend. They have since broken up after she couldn’t handle his work commitments. The act was reportedly taken when the actor was filming a series a few years ago while he was still a University undergraduate.

Source: Zimbio

Since the old video leaked, Huang’s manager has insists that the actor “feels regretful, but does not feel as if he’s done something wrong”. Some speculate that it could be one of his many girlfriends that sold the video in return for cash. “It could be because of these relationship debts that forced them to release the clip,” the Taiwanese publication wrote.

Fellow actor James Wen shared his 2 cents on the matter, saying, “Who does not know how to masturbate. The people should instead pay attention to how the clip went viral and protect the victim”.

River Huang
Source: Next Mag

Huang’s management agency has stated that they do not get involved in their artistes’ personal matters, commenting that Huang “is a professional actor. He is not an idol”.

As they say in show biz, even bad publicity is still free publicity.

Sources: MMO, Toggle SG.

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