In a world where screens are inescapable, it can get quite hard to breathe. The way we are perceived online has shaped us into viewing each platform as a mask, but where do we go to escape it all? Where do we strip all the facades and get down to the gritty and real details?

Introducing Dayre; the world’s first ad-free online community for women. Dayre is a microblogging app that is dedicated for women to form a supportive environment for real girl talk. First launched in 2013, Dayre has sprouted and grown in the hearts of 300,000 users worldwide. In 2018, Dayre was acquired by Creative Collective, backed by M&C Saatchi, which aims to make Dayre more inclusive for their users.

1. A Small Price For The Ultimate Peace of Mind


The new launch of Dayre introduced a subscription model, which is $4.50 a month (which is roughly around RM14.50!) With this small fee, Dayre keeps its platform ad-free and off Internet searches; so your thoughts and feelings are completely safe on this space! In a world where data is often mined from conversations and social media, know that your privacy is prioritised when it comes to Dayre. Feel free to vent to your heart’s desire without it ever seeing the light of the day outside of your comfort zone!

2.  All About Fostering Communities

What makes Dayre especially unique is that it is organically grown. With over 300,000 members and counting, Dayreans are very passionate about their community. In fact, little sub-communities have grown from a massive chunk of what Dayre was – such as #DayreBeauty for skincare and makeup lovers, #DayreTravel for wanderlust and even #DayreMummies for expecting mothers and those who have known the trade for a long time.

The revamp of Dayre includes Dayre AFK (Dayre Away From Keyboard) which provides members exclusive access to workshops and activities to participate in. Through this, Dayre hopes to foster a strong community of women and are expected to launch in Malaysia soon!

3. A Platform for Everyone and Anyone

Even though Dayre is a platform primarily for women, all forms of genders and gender identities are welcomed! Dayre is and continues to be a safe space for everyone that is willing to seek shelter in it. There are a strict no-bullying and trolling rules as well, so rest assured that discrimination or judgment of any kind will have no place on Dayre.

4. Not To Replace Social Media

The misconception about Dayre is that it is supposed to be the new Facebook or Instagram.  Rather than replacing social media, Dayre is here to coexist alongside with it. Dayre is a breath of relief – a space for you to truly be you and voice out any thoughts that your heart desires. Be it ranting about a co-worker, celebrating the mark of a personal milestone, or a guilty pleasure; it is a platform for you to be the real you, unapologetically.


5. Exclusive Editorial Content

Asides from reading content from women of all walks of life, Dayreans also get to enjoy editorial content written by the in-house writers of Dayre! Working stories from fellow Dayreans into long features, this is an added feature that can be enjoyed if you ever run out of things to read about (though considering the amount of content that’s up on Dayre… it’s highly unlikely!) or would like a fresh perspective. Currently, there are features up on Dayre’s website that is free for all readers to check out, such as these.

If all of this sounds like something you need, looks like Dayre is the solution. If you’re interested to find out more about Dayre, visit their website here.

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