For many of us Potterheads, all we desperately hoped for was to get an acceptance letter to Hogwarts’ School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. That was our golden ticket to slinging potions with Professor Snape, joking around with Fred and George, and not to mention going on adventures with the trio themselves; Harry, Ron, and Hermione!

Well, it seems like that might just be partly possible. The Wizardry Foundation will be putting together an event, “The Wizarding Cafe” this November for all Potterheads alike to meet and have a riddikulus time.

Picture for illustration only (Source: Japan Experience)

Don’t think you can just slytherin; entry passes begin at RM75 and end at RM85 for an additional group photo with all the hosts. If the prices seem to be something you’ve got tucked away in Gringotts, then we reckon it’s time to make a withdrawal for those galleons!

So if you’re up for an evening of speaking in Parseltongue, playing Quidditch, and getting Sorted into your respective houses; you know where to find yourself. The best part is that unlike Hogwarts, the platform to Sunway Velocity isn’t at all that hard to find.


The sessions for the 1-day event are split into:

  • Morning: 11am – 1pm
  • Evening: 5pm – 8pm

Update (22nd August, 2pm):

We’ve just been informed by The Wizardry Foundation rep that the RSVP list is already full. Hopefully the organiser will consider extending the event, considering the high demand from interested Potterheads.

Update (23rd August): 

Due to the overwhelming interest from local fans, The Wizardry Foundation has clarified that The Wizarding Cafe is strictly a 1-day event that is catered to the ACG (anime comic & game) community.

For those enquiring, there are no official plans to launch a Harry Potter-themed cafe or major event in Kuala Lumpur.

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