Ever since Sultan Muhammad V tied the knot with Oksana Voevodina last year, there’s been a growing interest on the couple’s lives.


Now that the Russian beauty is active on social media, followers have been getting snippets of stories from the original source herself.

Source: Instagram/ Svadberry

The 25-year-old new mum revealed that she didn’t believe that her date was born of royalty when they were first introduced to one another. She even teased Sultan Muhammad V with a cheeky remark. Read her story here:

For many people, the story of our first meeting with my husband remains to be a mystery. We met in spring 2017 in Europe. At that time I cooperated with our common friend jeweller Jacob Arabo. After the event, we went for dinner, where I met a man, and he introduced himself as king of Malaysia. I took it as a joke and joked back that I was also the queen of Moscow. We talked all evening and exchanged phone numbers. Soon there were news appeared about the appointment of the king, who was my new friend…”

For those curious about this “common friend”, this is how Jacob Arabo looks like:

He’s the CEO, Founder and Creative Director of Jacob & Co. A quick look at his Instagram feed and you’ll notice that Jacob is used to mingling with many famous Hollywood A-listers.

As for the beauty queen and former Agong’s love story, it’s “to be continued”. Oksana did share that the family of 3 have plans to visit Kelantan again “very soon”.

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