Dato Seri Aliff Syukri’s youngest son is only 11 months old, and now the millionaire businessman will soon be welcoming not one, but two new members into his family!

The 32-year-old founder of D’Herbs recently shared on his social media that his wife Datin Nur Shahida is currently pregnant with a pair of twins. But the good news is followed with a bad news.


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tolong doakan kandungan isteri saya @shahidadherbs selamat..???Dugaan 2 ramadhan . . . sy sengaja nak rahsiakan Isteri saya tgh pregnant nak buat suprise kat smua….. tapi dugaan mungkin stress dgn keadaan semasa baru2 ni dimana byk pihak membesar2kn… dan mungkin sbb tu .. berlaku pendarahan yg agak banyak dan mungkin mengalami keguguran.. bila scan2 pula Dr bgtau baby kembarr.. ya allah sygg yaaa .. ada caranya tak nak selamatkan baby dari gugurr???…. Mudahan kedua2 anak saya dalam. kandungan selamat.. doakan ya semua sahabat ig dan fb…. mudahan dipermudahkan segala urusan? doa kalian amat saya hargai.. . . tudung wife sy dari @cloverush baju sy dr @as.legacymalaysia

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Aliff Syukri confessed that initially he wanted to keep the news a secret from his fans and surprise them later, but he couldn’t do so as his wife is having internal bleeding which may lead to miscarriage.

The businessman also noted that his wife’s internal bleeding may be due to stress from the recent issue that the couple is embroiled in. Aliff Syukri came under fire for an Instagram post in which he talks about caning his 9-year-old daughter.

Nevertheless, Aliff Syukri hopes that everyone would pray for the safety of his wife and twin babies. “Hopefully both of my children are safe and sound. Please pray for us. Hope that everything will go well. Your prayers are truly appreciated.” 

Aliff Syukri and Nur Shahida currently have 5 children: 11-year-old Ammar Ahyan, 9-year-old Qadejah El Zahra, 7-year-old Ibraheem Adham, 11-month-old Yusoff Al-Qardawi, and 2-year-old Ameena who is the couple’s foster child.

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