This is no longer spoiler, this is piracy!

A certain food court in Manjung, Perak had illegally downloaded the full movie of “Avengers: End Game” and casually showed it to the public.


A Twitter user by the handle @NadzrinIqbal shared an IG story which he took from someone else, showing a clip from the “Endgame” which was recorded in cam quality.

“A shop in Manjung downloaded ‘Endgame’ illegally and showcased it to the public. This is more than just a spoiler. Who should I report this to? he tweeted.

The video he shared has been retweeted almost 3 thousand times. Many netizens condemned the food court’s owner, branding him / her as selfish and inconsiderate.

Some people have revealed that the food court is located near AEON Mall Seri Manjung, and the food court is reportedly MEDAN SELERA Manjung Musang King.


It is not known if the info is true, but this action is truly irresponsible!

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