Over the past weekend, pornstar Adriana Chechik tweeted out that she was looking for an Asian man to play a role for her upcoming project.

Naturally, this got her Asian fans excited. It didn’t take long before she received a ton of overwhelming response.

Source: Instagram

Damn guys, I am loving going through these emails! Asian men are a big fetish for me and I’m so turned on now…. Thank you for all the responses. Even if you’re not selected, I will reply,” the 27-year-old American beauty tweeted.


What she didn’t see coming was the amount of non-Asian men pretending to be Asian just so they could into the criteria of her project.  “People commenting to my Asian talent request: Next time, please don’t imitate by doing things to your face, also don’t make unwanted assumptions based on your own thoughts,” she said.

Having said that, the Asian community is still the minority in the US, and are still made fun of. Adriana made it a point to call out racist netizens, saying, “It is disappointing to see such disrespect. You ‘poking fun’ of any race from here on out will get blocked.”


Despite the negativity from some online trolls, the porn star was more than satisfied with her Asian applicants. “Drooling. I think all my next scenes for my site will be Asian men!! Lol, there are just so many good candidates! I think a gang-bang is in order!!” she expressed.

Some of the responses are quite hilarious. Take a look at a few of them below:

Source: Adriana Chechik’s Twitter.

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