After plenty of ongoing rumours and repeated denials, newlyweds Zhao Liying(赵丽颖) and Feng Shaofeng (冯绍峰) finally decided to put the rumours to rest by ringing in the New Year with their upcoming baby announcement!

On 1st January 2019, Feng wrote on Weibo, “Don’t you know? It should be a family of three,” a pun on their new drama together “The Story of Minglan” (知否?知否?应是绿肥红瘦) which is adapted from the novel “Don’t you know? The green should be plump and the red lean” by Guanxin Zeluan. Zhao then reshared the post and wrote, “Please wait. Welcome 2019.”


The announcement is not exactly a surprise as fans have been speculating Zhao’s pregnancy even before she got married to Feng in October. One fan even confirmed that Zhao is due in March 2019.

The couple’s new drama series “The Story of Minglan” premiered on 25th December 2018 on Hunan TV. Their baby announcement is believed to be their way of promoting the drama.

Congratulations to the beautiful couple~

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