Vogue’s 73 Questions series has become a fan favourite amongst many. The latest A-list celebrity to be under the publication’s spotlight is Lady Gaga.

During the interview session, Mother Monster is asked a bunch of questions at the patio of her beautiful Los Angeles home. Aside from her latest film “A Star Is Born”, the singer dished some interesting fun facts about her career – including her hypothetical penis.

Source: Vogue

It’s no secret that Gaga has faced her fair share of tabloid rumours. When asked what is the strangest rumour she’s heard about herself, Gaga answered, “That I have a penis“, without blinking. The rumour blew up after Gaga performed at England’s 2009 Glastonbury Festival. Many mistook the unflattering angle as a bulge.


Barbara Walters even brought it up during a televised 2010 interview. “At first it was very strange and everyone sorta said, ‘That’s really quite a story!’ But in a sense, I portray myself in a very androgynous way, and I love androgyny,” the pop star said.

Lady Gaga
Source: Billboard

The topic of feminism also came up. Gaga identifies herself as a feminist, saying, “I think feminism is the fight for women’s rights for equality and also to protect women as much as possible within rape culture. To my young female fans, I would say your body belongs to you. Your mind belongs to you. Your emotions belong to you and always be true to yourself and exercise what you want to be all the time and if you don’t feel comfortable doing something, then don’t do it.”

When it comes to music, the “Born This Way” hitmaker shared that she would love to do more duets with Tony Bennett and Elton John, as well as collaborate with Stevie Wonder. In case you’re curious, her No.1 karaoke song of choice is Andrea Bocelli and Céline Dion’s “The Prayer”.


Sources: Hollywood Life, E! News.

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