Looking for some fish love anyone? Josh Brolin certainly has some to offer.

While the 50-year-old actor who played Thanos in “Avengers: Infinity War” is currently promoting “Deadpool 2“, in which he plays Cable”, he has appeared completely naked. That’s not all, he is also seen caressing a fish with a super weird caption.


Brolin suggested that this romantic “movie about me and a fish” which “could be the premise for ‘X-Force'”. He added, “Maybe it’s a prequel before Cable gets sent to the future, before he comes back from the future into the past which is the present.”

While the hunky actor’s Instagram caption comes across as gibberish, writer Stewart Perrie commented that the A-lister could drawing parallels to the Academy Award winning “The Shape of Water”. Who knows?

In the studio shot, Brolin is holding a Hawaiian Wahoo fish (while covering his modesty) for the FishLove campaign. FishLove aims to raise awareness of marine damage inflicted by unsustainable fishing activities. Besides the “True Grit” star, other Hollywood stars that shed their clothes include Gillian Anderson, Emma Thompson, and Helena Bonham-Carter.


This is not the first time Brolin has posted nude pictures of himself on Instagram though. It seems to be an annual thing for the actor to show off his naked body to the world.

In other news, “Deadpool 2” is currently out in cinemas.

Source: Daily Mail.

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