Adrian Voo is currently fulfilling his Hollywood dreams.

Having starred in the coming-of-age film “Little Bitches” (with Jennette McCurdy, Kiersey Clemons and Virginia Gardner) and the comedy “Amateur Night” (alongside Jason Biggs and Ashley Tisdale), the 31-year-old Kuala Lumpur native will appear in the upcoming comedic film, “Dear Dictator”.

Source: Wyatt Troll

The official synopsis for “Dear Dictator” is as follows:


‘Dear Dictator’ focuses on Tatiana, a misfit teen, who begins writing letters to a notorious British-Caribbean dictator, General Anton Vincent, played with great panache by the legendary Sir Michael Caine. When Vincent is overthrown in a coup, he flees to Tatiana’s home, which she shares with her single mum. While hiding out in suburbia, Anton teaches the teen how to start her own high school revolution by taking down the popular kids and grabbing all the power for herself!”

In “Dear Dictator”, the Malaysian-born actor will take on the role as next-door neighbour Bill. “Everyone knows my character – the annoying, prying neighbour! I’ve certainly known a few in my lifetime,” Voo was quoted as saying. Besides Michael Caine, Katie Holmes, Odeya Rush, Jason Biggs, and Seth Green are also appearing in the movie.

Watch the trailer here:

“Dear Dictator” will be out 16th March 2018.

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