All of us grew up watching American movies, and at one point or another, dreamed of becoming a Hollywood star. We’d be lying if we said we’ve never practised our Oscar-winning speech with a shampoo bottle in the shower. But while most of us eventually gave up on pursuing our Hollywood dreams, Malaysian-born actor Adrian Voo didn’t.

After pursuing his business degree in San Francisco, the 31-year-old felt more inclined towards performing in productions instead of entering the corporate world. Adrian found his calling after dabbling in acting during his final year in university – and hasn’t looked back since.

Source: Asian Entrepreneur

He decided to pursue acting seriously, so he decided to move to LA to enrol in the prestigious New York Film Academy. With talent, hard work, combined with good looks and a little advice from pop princess Britney Spears – Adrian Voo kicked off his Hollywood career and has graced the screens in an impressive number of movies and TV shows.


Here are a few fun facts about this rising Hollywood star:

  1. He has met Britney Spears more times than you have gone to gym this year Image result for britney spears gif

In an recent interview with The Star, Adrian Voo confessed that his most surreal experience to date is meeting pop princess, Britney Spears. Aside from meeting her a bunch of times, Britney also offered some career advice to Adrian.

“I met Britney Spears for the first time in 2011. I’ve seen her a bunch since, but I was just floored during the first meeting. It was surreal. Her advice to me was, to not get consumed by the industry while pursuing my dreams.” Adrian said.

2. You can look him up on Wikipedia and IMDb. HOW COOL IS THAT? 

Screenshot from IMDb

You know you’ve made it when you have your own Wikipedia page. And as far as we’re concerned, you’re a legit Hollywood star when you have your own IMDb page.

3. He made a cameo appearance in Hangover III and breathed the same air as Bradley Cooper 

Image result for bradley cooper hangover gif

Adrian’s minor role as a prisoner went uncredited, but it was an impressive feat nonetheless. Imagine being in the same movie as Bradley Cooper and Zach Galifianakis!


4. Buzzfeed did a write-up on him. BUZZFEED!

Source: Buzzfeed

Entitled Adrian Voo Is A Rising Actor To Watch In “Amateur Night”, the article talks about Adrian Voo’s character in the movie “Amateur Night”, and why he’s a rising star to look out for. “Amateur Night” was also responsible for giving Adrian his major breakthrough.

5. Sometimes he casually hangs out with Hollywood’s A-listers 

Source: adrian.voo via Instagram

This comes as no surprise, given that Adrian has been in the acting industry since 2011. But we’re still super jealous (but also super proud) that he’s out there rubbing shoulders with Hollywood’s A-listers like J.Lo, Ricky Martin, and Britney Spears – just to name a few. We’re so happy for you, Adrian 🙂

Adrian’s upcoming Hollywood flick “Little Bitches” is scheduled for release on January 23rd.

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