As ridiculous as this sounds, you can actually get killed for talking to someone from the opposite sex.

A 13-year-old girl named Radhika was recently brutally murdered simply because she was seen being friendly with a boy from the same school. What’s even more shocking is the fact that the murderers were her own parents!

Parents Brutally Kill Daughter
Source: AFP/ NDTV

The horrific crime took place in Nalgonda, near Hyderabad, India. According to local media, Radhika’s father, identified as Narasimha, flew into rage when he caught his child conversing with a boy outside of the local government school. Upon arriving home, Narasimha accused Radhika of bringing shame to the family’s name.


Reports claimed that Narasimha, an agricultural worker, had smashed his daughter’s head against a wall. During the assault, he even strangled her; ultimately taking her life. Police also stated that Radhika’s mother, Lingamma, took part in the execution by pouring kerosene fuel over the girl’s body before setting it on fire.

Despite their initial claims that Radhika had committed suicide, Narasimha and Lingamma eventually confessed to killing their daughter out of anger. The parents have since been taken into custody and charged with murder and for concealing evidence.

India is one of the countries where women are considered inferior to men and are often ill-treated. Radhika is one of the youngest victims of honour killing.

May you rest in peace 🙁

Sources: Next Shark, Independent UK/ Featured image: AFP/ NDTV.

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