We’re just a couple of sleeps away from this year’s edition of “It’s The Ship“. If this is going to be your first time on the ship, then you’re in luck! Because we’ve taken the liberty to draw up a list of tips (trust us, we’ve been there) to help you not only survive, but thrive on “It’s The Ship 2017”.

Yes, you’re welcome 🙂

1. Pack enough swimwear

Source: facebook.com/itstheship

There’s no dress code per se, but you’re on a ship so you know the drill – remember to pack enough swimwear! In fact, packing for a cruise is just like packing for any other island vacay. So, put them swimwear and casual daytime wear on your packing list, comprende? Floppy hats, flip flops, and sunnies totally welcomed too.

2. Slap on sunblock or suntan

What’s that? You want to soak up some vitamin D and achieve a beautiful, golden brown tan? Then be generous with dat suntan oil. If you’re iffy about tanning/burning (like we are), then slap on heck loads of sunblock. SPF 100, anyone?

3. Have all your moolah ready

Source: Escape Travel Card

Your wallet. Don’t leave home without it. Furthermore, considering the fact that “It’s The Ship 2017” will leave from Singapore to Phuket and then back again, you may need some SGD and Thai baht on hand. Or, you know, just bring your credit/debit card card.

4. Pack a nice #ootn for the gala dinner

Source: Cable Beach Club

If you haven’t heard, there will be a gala dinner on 18th November (Saturday) and 19th November (Sunday), depends on which session you pick. And there’s a theme – Shanghai Nights. Take the opportunity to get creative and rethink what “Oriental” means to you. Time to stand out 😉


5. Study the layout of the Genting Dream

Source: itstheship.com

The other fun part about partying on a ship is exploring the ship! But first, you’ll need to do some homework about the Genting Dream i.e. restaurants, lounges, facilities, activities. Wanna go rock climbing? Belt out to your favourite tunes in a karaoke room? Watch a movie? You got it.

6. Disconnect to connect

You’re going to be out at sea so don’t expect the WiFi or your data coverage to work swimmingly well the entire time. In other words, be prepared to disconnect to connect! And detox from the virtual world while making the best of real life 🙂

7. Rules are rules, don’t break ’em

Source: facebook.com/itstheship

Yes, we know that you paid for your shiptastic vacation, but rules and rules. For example, bring a camera for all them moments but please don’t bring a drone. And in case of individual medical needs, please pack your own meds for allergies and such (with a doctor’s prescription) but strictly no drugs or illegal substances mmkay?

8. Plan what/who you want to see

You don’t want to miss your favourite acts. Let’s face it, who does? The set times are out so plan accordingly! Some sets are bound to clash, of course, what with so many fantastic artistes on the lineup. But hey, at least you know well enough to try to make it for half and half each 🙂

Above all, to survive this year’s instalment of “It’s The Ship”, definitely, definitely do not forget to have fun! And don’t forget to hashtag all your pictures/videos/Boomerangs with #ITSTHESHIP and #ITSTHESHIP2017.

We’ll leave you now with the official aftermovie of “It’s The Ship 2016”:

For more information, hit up the ship’s website or Facebook page.

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