Ouch! A woman reportedly snipped off her son’s penis to get back at her ex-husband and his family.

Chinese media outlet Kankan News reported that the boy, who is identified as Xiao Wen, was quickly rushed to a hospital in Fuzhou, Jiangxi where he underwent phalloplasty (penis construction surgery). Fortunately, he is now in stable condition.

Source: Shanghaiist
According to his doctor, the boy will likely experience some difficulties in penile functions but would still be able to father children when he gets older if treatment goes well. The boy’s paternal grandmother, who took him to the hospital with her husband, told Chinese reporters that the woman had left the family over a year ago and married someone else.


It’s not clear why the mother returned to cut her son’s penis. Police are currently investigating the case.

Source: Kankan News
Upon hearing the news, many netizens expressed their anger on social media. One Miao Pai user commented, “This woman has a wicked heart and the government should take away her custody of the child.” Another wrote, “I don’t understand. What is wrong with our society? How can adults act this way?”

Sources: Shanghaiist, Kankan News / Kankan News.

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