If you been noticing people (be it family, colleagues, school/uni mates, friends, or random strangers) unabashedly make funny faces at their smartphone screen as of late, don’t worry. It’s not because they know something and they didn’t let you in on the secret or joke.

It’s because of a new app called the FaceDance Challenge app.


As seen in the video above, it’s basically a facial recognition game that requires players to mimic different emoji that are shown onscreen to the beat of the background music. The player will have to match the expression of the emoji to gain points, as ridiculous as it may look.

It sounds incredibly silly too but the app has quickly spun off the “Face Dance Challenge” aka #FaceDanceChallenge, in which players all across Asia e.g. the Philippines, Vietnam, Hong Kong, and now even Malaysia, compete to top each other and to see who can make the silliest face of all.

The (free, yes, FREE to download!) app, which is available for iOS and Android, was created by Vietnam-base DiffCat Game Studio. On Google Play Store alone, the app has been downloaded about 500,000 – 1,000,000 times. Who would’ve imagined that combining Dance Dance Revolution (DDR) and a person’s selfie game in an app would go viral?

#FaceDanceChallenge is doing pretty well on Twitter, and let’s not forget that it even has its own Facebook page, which allows the FaceDance players to gather around (albeit virtually) and communicate with each other. Funny face community, anyone?


Alan Walker would be so proud ?

Featured image: SuperHaber Video.

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