Oh yes! McDonald’s Malaysia will be introducing a hot new treat ?

Hallyu fans can soon satisfy their K-food cravings at McDonalds as they are launching their Spicy Korean Burger on Tuesday (25th July).

The Spicy Korean Burger is made up of warm charcoal buns, hot kimchi seasoned beef patty, spicy Gochujang (Korean pepper sauce), cheese, grilled onions, and fresh mixed vegetables. A set of this Korean-inspired burger is priced at RM15.99 and it comes with crinkle cut fries and a cup of frozen Fanta.

While the official launching date for the burger is on 25th July, many netizens claimed that some outlets (i.e. Subang, Damansara Mutiara) has already started selling it.

Check out McDonald’s K-drama-inspired ad for the Spicy Korean Burger below:


However, the new item is only available for a limited time only. So go grab ’em before they’re gone ?

For more info, hit up McDonald’s website and Facebook page.

Source: leesharing / Featured image: Timothy Low’s Instagram (handle: timlow2002).

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