It’s apparently a thing. Harry Styles has officially confirmed that he has 4 nipples on his body.

The rumour first came about in 2012 when Styles and his One Direction band mates were in Australia for a vacay. Paparazzi pointed out that there were 2 extra nipples on the singer.

Harry Styles Nipples
Source: World Lifestyle

During his recent interview with Chelsea Handler on her self-titled Netflix show, the American TV host brought up the issue about his extra bits. “There’s a rumour on the internet that you have 4 nipples,” the blunt comedian asked before adding, “Have you heard that?”


The former One Direction member, who was instructed to only to addressed each question with a 1 word answer simply replied, “Correct” without any hesitation. When Handler asked Styles to point out where all 4 nipples were located, he happily obliged. “Usual”, he said pointing to to his chest before dropping slightly lower, indicating that the other 2 are just below the normal nipples.

Harry Styles Nipples
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The revealing exchange brought some clarity to Handler. She shared, “Oh, I hooked up with a guy who had that once. I didn’t realise that was a thing”. “Yeah, it’s a thing,” the “Dunkirk” actor assured her.

That wasn’t the only awkward moment. The female comedian also probe Styles with some uncomfortable questions. “Do you find yourself sexually attracted to me?” she inquired. A long pause ensued before Handler told him that “there’s no right answer”. Through a laugh, the Brit answered: “Sure”.

Watch the full interview here:

This isn’t his first awkward interview though. Recently, Styles was asked about his sex life with former flame Kendall Jenner during his appearance on “The Late Late Show”.

Sources: MTV, US Magazine, Daily Mail/ Featured image: Linasstar.

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