Hype’s Now Playing: Red Velvet – Red Flavor (빨간 맛)

Red Velvet (레드벨벳) is back with a hot new track!

As promised, SM Entertainment has dropped the music video for the girls’ new song, titled “Red Flavor” (빨간 맛), on Sunday (9th July). And in true Red Velvet fashion, the clip features several quirky (and fruity) elements and a powerful choreography.

Source: Red Velvet’s Facebook page

The beginning of the video shows each of the Red Velvet members interviewing a piece a fruit (i.e. watermelon, kiwi, orange) for a what seems like a television program. Then, the girls are seen dancing energetically at various locations.


“Red flavour, I’m curious Honey/ It tastes like slowly melting/ strawberry when I bite into it/ Look for the corner candy shop, Baby/ What I like the most is the taste of summer,” sings the group in the chorus.

Source: Giphy

Titled “The Red Summer”, Red Velvet’s special summer album, which is slated for a digital release on 9th July, consists of 5 tracks including title track “Red Flavor” (빨간 맛), “You Better Know”, “Zoo”, “Hear The Sea” (바다가 들려), and “Mojito” (여름빛). In a report by Naver, 2 of the songs were written by Swedish producer Cazzi Opeia.

For more information, hit up Red Velvet’s official Facebook page and Instagram.