First generation idol group SECHSKIES (젝스키스, pronounced as zeks-kees) is b-back!

In celebration of their 20th anniversary, the boys have finally released their new album, titled “The 20th Anniversary”. YG Entertainment has also blessed YellowKies (as fans of SECHSKIES are lovingly known) with the music video for “Sad Song” (슬픈 노래).

Source: SECHSKIES’ Facebook

During an interview on Thursday (28th April), rapper Eun Ji Won said, “A lot of things have changed during those years, so we need time to catch up with the current music industry and bond with fans again.” 


Besides that, lead vocalist Kang Sung Hoon added, “We want our fans to reminisce about the time they grew up with our songs, and we plan to focus on that for now.”

Source: Korea Herald

“The 20th Anniversary” features 2 new songs – “Sad Song” and “Be Well” (아프지 마요) – while the remaining 9 tracks are remastered versions of the group’s past hits.

“Sad Song” is described as a house rhythm dance track that was written by Epik High’s Tablo. And unsurprisingly, the music video has a strong BIGBANG/WINNER vibe to it. The clip begins with the boys going on a drive on an empty road. Then, each member can be seen singing to the song in stylish settings.


For more information, hit up SECHSKIES’ Facebook page.

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