It’s Ed Sheeran vs Katy Perry!

We’re kidding. There’s no bad blood between these 2 talented singers. Although the “Chained to the Rhythm” singer did flipped Sheeran the the bird before he decided to crash her interview with Nick Grimshaw.

Ed Sheeran Katy Perry
Source: BBC Radio 1

While promoting her latest music on BBC Radio 1’s “Breakfast Show”, Perry saw Sheeran (who was also on promo duties) walking past the studio and immediately called him, “Oh babes! Thanks for keeping me off the number 1 spot, THANKS“, before giving him the middle finger salute.


The smiling singer-songwriter then made his way into the studio and it didn’t take long before the 2 pop stars began chatting like they were best friends.

The first time I ever met Katy, I played a gig in Toronto and I was sweating so bad and then I saw Katy on the side of the stage and I was like, ‘Oh, God. Katy Perry’s here! This is really embarrassing. I’m really sweaty,’” Sheeran recounted their first encounter years ago. “I walked up to her and she was like, ‘Hi. I would hug you, but ew.’”

Ed Sheeran Katy Perry
Source: Getty Images

Perry, who is currently dating actor Orlando Bloom, quipped back: “Now that you’re Ed Sheeran, it’s like put your ball sack on me. But back then he was like Ed Sheeran the guy with red hair. (His sweat’s) got DNA in it!

During the 7-minute clip, the 2 musicians delved into a series of anecdotes including bonding over their Grammy losses, Perry’s fake British accent and hungover plane rides. Oh, there’s also an anecdote where Perry once offered Sheeran to smell her armpit.  Ew!

Watch the full interview below:

Sources: US Magazine, Billboard.

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