YG Entertainment is starting the year on a good note.

After about a year since their last release, Akdong Musician is finally back with the music video for their latest track, “Last Goodbye (오랜 날 오랜 밤)”. It was released at midnight today (Tuesday, 3rd January) on their official YouTube channel.

Source: YG Life
Source: YG Life

The number is promoted as one of their title tracks, the other being “Reality (리얼리티). Both tracks are included in their 2nd full album, “Winter (사춘기 하)”, which also records 6 other songs, namely “Live (생방송)”, “Play Ugly (못생긴 척)”, “Chocolady”, “You Know Me”, “Way Back Home (집에 돌아오는 길)”, and “Will Last Forever (그때 그 아이들은)”. Unsurprisingly, Chanhyuk has shown his talent once again by producing and writing all the tracks on the album.


“Last Goodbye” is a mellow ballad about longing for a lover who has gone away. Chanhyuk also revealed that the track is based on his experience, and the singer-songwriter expresses that he really cherishes the song. The music video for the track is simple yet touching, and it stars the siblings spending some quality time with their respective lovers.



The siblings duo has also released a 20-minute short film to promote their album! The musical short film revolves around the theme of “puberty”, and we see both Chanhyuk and Suhyun starring in it. However, conflict arises when they get into a heated argument, putting their partnership at risk.

Psst, it includes English subtitles too!



Akdong Musician made their debut in 2014 under YG Entertainment after winning K-Pop Star 2. They have had a successful run so far, as the duo’s efforts has been well-received by the public. Sadly, this is the duo’s last comeback for at least 2 years, as Chanhyuk will be enlisting in the army soon.

For more info, visit Akdong Musician’s official website and Facebook page.

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