So soon after leader Hyorin’s solo comeback, SISTAR has released a surprise track.

The track, titled “One More Day”, dropped at midnight today (Tuesday, 22nd November) and is a collaboration between the Starship Entertainment idol group and world-famous Italian musician Giorgio Moroder.

Source: PopWrapped, SISTAR
Source: PopWrapped, SISTAR

Moroder is a singer, songwriter, DJ, as well as record producer, and has often been credited as the one who pioneered Italo disco and electronic dance music. The talented artiste has 3 Oscars under his belt, and not only produced and composed the track, but also makes a short appearance in the music video for “One More Day”.


We don’t see SISTAR anywhere in the video, but we don’t think that’ll stop you from enjoying the compelling video. Filled with dark and forbidding undertones, the music video highlights the story of a lesbian pair who is attracted to each other, but is unable to get together due to several challenges.

The story line a stellar one, and while the computer graphic imagery might seem doubtful at times, we still commend SISTAR for their effort in bringing a rarely used concept to the world of K-Pop.

Enjoy the 5-minute short story:

For more info, visit SISTAR’s official website and Facebook page.

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