It’s M.C. versus M.C.!

Let’s compare the 2 singers: Mariah Carey is basically the definition of a diva, while Miley Cyrus, on the other hand, has vowed not to walk the red carpet because “people are starving”. Is it any surprise that these pop stars aren’t exactly fond of each other? Well, at least one of them is.

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In speaking with Elle US for her October cover story, Cyrus wasn’t shy in taking aim at the multi-million-selling diva. “I’ve never really been a fan, because it’s so much about Mariah Carey. That’s part of her shtick; I can see through that,” she was quoted as saying.


She continued, saying, “That’s part of what makes her a gay icon; like, it’s about Mimi! It’s about what she’s wearing, and it’s about her. What I make isn’t about me. It’s about sharing my story; it’s about someone being connected to what I’m saying.”

Source: Elle

It’s obvious from the interview that Cyrus sees herself as the opposite version of Carey. “I did not grow up spoiled in any way. I just wanted to be on TV,” said the entertainer, referring to her “Hannah Montana” days. “I was probably the least paid person on my cast because I didn’t know any better. I was just like, I can be on Disney!

As for the 46-year-old diva, it’s unlikely that she’ll even respond to Cyrus’ comments seeing as how she has more important matters in her life, especially with the recent family drama where her elder sister, Alison Carey, was arrested for prostitution.

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In addition, Carey is also busy completing her world tour, performing at her Vegas residency, and filming her very own docu-series, “Mariah’s World“.

What do y’all think of Cyrus’ comments? Do you agree with the singer?

Sources: Inquisitr, Refinery 29.

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