YG Entertainment continues its domination in the world of K-Pop with the debut of MOBB.

Released yesterday night (Thursday, 8th September) at 11pm, the duo’s debut singles, “Full House (붐벼)” and “Hit Me (빨리 전화해)” took fans by storm. Initially posted on YG Entertainment’s Naver page, the company has since published the music videos on their YouTube page.

Source: YouTube Screenshot
Source: YouTube Screenshot

Both tracks were written by WINNER’s Mino and iKON’s Bobby, and they also participated in the composition and arrangement of the tracks with the help of fellow YG Entertainment artistes, such as Teddy, Choice 37, Kush, and more.


Both songs are upbeat, but “Hit Me (빨리 전화해)” takes on a more casual approach while “Full House (붐벼)” features the boys looking dapper and chic in suits and hip-hop outfits. The former also featured a short rap from YG’s resident producer Kush while 2NE1’s leader CL, who recently made her official American debut, made a cameo in the latter.

Watch the music videos here:

On why the duo is named “MOBB”, Mino and Bobby replied, “MOBB is a cool word that’s used in the hip-hop scene. It also refers to something like a crew in hip-hop.” Mino also stated that he designed the logo himself, and they both decided on the name after coming up with various combinations.

The duo’s physical album, simply titled “The MOBB”, will drop on 23rd September.

Which track did you like better? Do you hope to see more tracks from the duo? Tell us what you think!

For more info, visit YG Entertainment’s official website and Facebook page.

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