Who’s up for a funky new summer track?

In collaboration with CJ E&M, Epik High member Tablo’s music label HIGHGRND has released the music video for R&B artiste Crush (크러쉬)’s new single, “Skip”. It is the first song for the 2 labels’ collaborative seasonal song project called Sound Boutique.

Source: YouTube Screenshot
Source: YouTube Screenshot

“Skip” features groovy, fresh sounds by South Korean funk guitar legend and composer Han Sang Won. Composed by Park Woo Sang and co-written by Hangzoo and Crush himself, “Skip” is a chill song about living life freely and to “skip” all of the complicated matters.


The music video doesn’t have a substantial storyline, but it does not make it any less interesting. The 4-minute-long clip features a beautiful girl trying to cool herself down by soaking her foot in ice water, sitting in front of a fan, and chilling in the pool. Other scenes include the actress doing all sorts of light activities such as playing with tennis balls, baking, and blowing bubbles.

Watch the colourful music video below:

Crush, real name Shin Hyo Seob, made his debut in December 2012 with his debut single, “Red Dress”. Though he did gain a good deal of popularity with his follow-up releases such as “Crush On You” (2013) and “Where Do You Wanna Go” (2013), it wasn’t until 2015 that he won his first award at the Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA) alongside Zion.T for their collaborative single, “Just” (그냥).

For more information, visit Crush’s official Facebook page.

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