When popular Taiwanese milk tea Chun Cui He (純萃喝) made its debut in Singapore’s 7-Eleven stores in July this year, bottles and bottles of the beverage flew off the shelves.

Priced at SGD2.80 per bottle, the launch introduced 2 out of 10 of its existing flavours – Latte and Milk Tea – which were a hit amongst Singaporeans, considering how it quickly ran out of stock. According to The Straits Times, about a million bottles of drinks, worth SGD2 million, have been sold since the brand’s debut.

Source: Chun Cui He
Source: Chun Cui He

However, Chun Cui He’s Milk Tea variant has now been recalled by Singapore’s Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority (AVA).


According to the AVA, the Chun Cui He drinks contained L-theanine, an organic compound that is found in certain plants. Although L-theanine is recognised as far by the United States Food and Drug Administration and is sold as a dietary supplement, it is currently not on the list of permitted food additive under the Food Regulations of Singapore.

“There is no food safety risk associated with the recalled products. While there is no food safety risk, consumers who have consumed this product and have any health concerns can consult your doctor or seek medical advice,” the AVA said.

As of Monday (22nd August), all 7-Eleven convenience stores have stopped the sale of the drinks and customers who have unconsumed bottles of the Milk Tea variant can return them to any 7-Eleven outlets for a full refund.

Source: sethlui.com
Source: sethlui.com

Besides Singapore, Chun Chui He can also be found in Hong Kong and Korea. Produced by Taiwanese food company Bifido, the drinks are a common sight in Taiwan convenience stores and are a hit with tourists.


Source: The Straits Times, AVA.

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