Malaysians have always complained about the lack of good local music, but Guinness is here to prove us wrong.

They are introducing Amplify FM, an online music radio station that will only play local music. The station is available for streaming on computers, tablets, and even phones.

Source: Amplify FM
Source: Amplify FM

Exclusive music and full albums will be played 24/7, and the best thing is, it will also be commercial-free! Popular musicians will be featured, but so will lesser-known groups and artistes, as Guinness aims to help them get more exposure.


The Malaysian bands and musicians that will be playing on the channel are as follows:

  • +2dB
  • An Honest Mistake
  • Bassment Syndicate
  • Bihzhu
  • Froya
  • Fazz
  • GTXperiment
  • Jumero
  • KissKillMary
  • Macropsia
  • Paperplane Pursuit
  • Talitha Tan
  • The Endleaves
  • Kyoto Protocol
Source: Yahoo
Source: Yahoo

Amplify FM is part of the Guinness Amplify initiative, a music programme to support up-and-coming musicians. Apart from the radio channel, free shows featuring local acts will be held in Klang Valley, Ipoh, Penang, and Johor, starting from September. A 2-day celebration will also be held on 30th September and 1st October at Publika.

For more information or to listen to the station, visit Amplify’s website.

Source: Time Out.

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